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Parent Notification System


The IRIS (Immediate Response Information System) will allow us to send messages via e-mail, text and voice messaging to every parent in the district within 30 seconds of activating the system.  There are four levels of notification that we will implement. Examples of these levels are:


Severe - Something that occurs during the school day that could affect normal procedures.  Examples would be a pending weather event that would cause us to close school early on that day, a utility outage that causes us to shorten our day, a lockdown because of an impending threat on our campus, or an event scheduled for that evening is cancelled. 

High - This is much like the severe level, but doesn't occur during school hours.  School has to be closed for the entire day for weather or an event that is scheduled for the next day has been canceled, etc.

Elevated - This is the lowest level where a voice message can be sent, so it will be more of an information level.  It may be used where a note would usually be sent home.  This would include notification of report cards, parent teacher conferences or just notification of a meeting for a specific group of students. 

Normal - This level of message will only be distributed via text message and e-mail message.  Examples of this level would be a reminder of a meeting or class party.


We will have the ability to distribute messages to the entire student body and faculty at once, or we can send out a message that only goes to a specific group such as all Student Council members, FFA members or by class.

If any of your phone numbers or e-mail addresses change, please contact Renee Lovejoy with updated information at [email protected] or call 580-667-5268 ext. 102.