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Health Office Resources

ACTION FOR HEALTHY KIDS - A national nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the epidemic of overweight, undernourished, and sedentary youth.
AMERICA ON THE MOVE - Join a national movement that encourages everyone to take steps towards a healthier way of life.
PROPER HAND WASHING, TEETH BRUSHING, & OTHER HYGIENE PRACTICES - This link was discovered by Alyssa, a student in Colorado. Thanks Alyssa!
HEALTHY HABITS TO HELP PREVENT FLU - Center for Disease Control's useful information on what you can do to help prevent the spread of the flu virus.
HAND WASHING - Meet the Scrub Club and learn about importance of hand washing!
HEAD LICE - Oklahoma Department of Health instructions for treating head lice. (This link doesn't mention blow-drying, but did you know that lice and their eggs cannot withstand the heat of a blowdryer!? Blow dry your scalp and hair for 5 minutes twice a day to help get rid of the little buggers quicker!)
KID'S HEALTH - Provides health information on birth through adolescence. 
NUTRITION - Eat right, exercise, and have fun!
OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - Child and family health, disease prevention, immunization schedule, and importance of immunizations.
SNOO - School Nurse Organization of Oklahoma