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Letter to Military Families


Dear Military Family,

We have a number of parents who serve as active duty or civil service in our armed forces. One of the driving forces in creating Tipton Tiger TV was to allow service men and women the opportunity to watch their children in school related activities while they were deployed. If you are looking for a school district that is military friendly, I would invite you to tour our school and see what our community has to offer. 

We offer our students a big school curriculum with a rural, small school atmosphere and class size. We were the third school in the State to offer a free lunch and breakfast to all students. We also have a 1:1 ratio of students to technology devices. We use ipads in the lower elementary grades and chromebooks to everyone else. We just finished our new $1.4 million STEM/AG Center and were the first 8 man football school in the State to have a turf football field.

It is our experience that military families, such as yourselves, utilize the internet to research their new location and available school districts. Unfortunately, the third party sites that rate schools do so based on data without taking into account special circumstances.  In our case, for the past 19 years leading up to 2015, Tipton High School has provided offsite educational services, at the Southwest Oklahoma Juvenile Center in Manitou. This center located 12 miles from Tipton, is one of two secure facilities in the state. These students are incarcerated and never attend class on our campus or participate in our activities; however, their testing data, graduation rate, etc. is not delineated from our traditional students and therefore skews the data when comparing us to other schools.

The only way to get a good idea of the tremendous opportunities that are available from Tipton Public Schools is to schedule a visit or ask an alum.  Our alums can be found serving as doctors, attorneys, teachers, as well as active duty military officers. Thank you for serving our Country. It is our hope that we can partner in serving your child’s educational needs.



Steve F. Glenn